For this specialist in pool heat pumps, «Reducing the environmental impact of pools, whether private or public, requires new approaches, new technologies, but also new practices». At Polytropic, we put words into action!

Solar energy coupled to the domestic electrical network

This is why the designer-manufacturer has developed an innovative hybrid pool heating solution, the PolySolar Energy System. A name that leaves no doubt as to the origin of its power supply...

The concept: coupling the heat pump with a photovoltaic panel kit. The PolySolar Energy System photovoltaic installation is a sound investment for now and in the future, with numerous benefits:
By converting solar radiation into electricity, each photovoltaic panel produces electricity independently, supplying the heat pump with up to 75% of the required power (based on the number of panels, the orientation and the geographical location of the installation). The remaining 25% is supplied by the regular electricity grid.

On sunny days, the Polytropic heat pump is fed by the system's inverters. The embedded energy management system Gateway optimises the self-consumption rate: the heat pump starts, converts energy into heat and heats the pool. The owner of the pool benefits from an almost self-sufficiently heated pool, with ultra-low energy bills.