Products and equipment

The Hydroflex reinforced membrane by APF Pool Design
The Hydroflex range of 150/100 reinforced membranes by APF Pool Design offers flexibility and durability, as well as resistance to tearing, distortion, ageing and temperature (33 °C for the Relief and Varnished Plain finishes, 32 °C for the Standard Plain finish). The membrane is varnished on...
New flat LED pool lights by Hayward
A beautiful pool without beautiful lighting is missing something. Hayward's new flat LED pool lights are designed to enhance the pool when the sun goes down.
AstralPool presents its new ladders with Plascoat® coating, a solution for saltwater pools
Plascoat®'s ability to resist the corrosive agents present in swimming pools using salt electrolysis treatment could make a significant difference to the pool sector. Saltwater electrolysis technology is very popular in residential pools as more than half of all new inground pool installations...
New Zodiac® Z250 pool heat pump
New for 2023 from Zodiac®, this horizontal Full Inverter heat pump is designed for small and medium-sized swimming pools. It stands out for its elegant and refined design, integrating perfectly into all outdoor environments. The range comes in 4 power versions.
TriStar® VSTD pool filter pumps: for energy savings and silent filtration
The Hayward TriStar® VSTD filter pump saves energy, with a return on investment in just 3 seasons. The TriStar® VSTD pump runs continuously over 24 hours, adapting its speed to the pool's need for filtration (up to 120 m3). 
The advantages of Quadro pool shutter slats by T&A
The fruit of the innovation of T&A teams, the Quadro pool shutter slat combines 4 benefits: an anti-algae profile, inconspicuous condensation, optimised heating capacity and a built-in anti-UV layer.
Pergola Solar by Alukov: Solar energy for the pool
Alukov launches a genuine product that is a source of clean solar energy for operation of swimming pool equipment. With the Pergola Solar it is possible to reduce the energy consumption for pool operation and replace this with energy from the sun.
The technical unit solution for cartridge filter skimmers by Filtrinov
Filtrinov, the specialist in compact, easy-to-install pool filtration, proposes a technical unit solution for cartridge filter skimmers. Cartridge filtration economically reduces the quantity of water consumed for washing.
Save 90% of pool energy costs with EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission
Plastipack Ltd, manufacturer of the award-winning, unique GeoBubble™ pool cover material, has released the results of their latest product testing. They demonstrate the effectiveness of Plastipack's EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission in reducing energy costs in swimming pools.
Zodiac®'s new Voyager RE 4100 pool cleaner
Zodiac® expands its Voyager range of robotic pool cleaners with the new RE 4100 model. It combines agility in the pool with cleaning performance. Double traction motor, long-lasting constant suction, large capacity filter, easy maintenance...
Innovative technological solutions and new design for the Wellis spa range
The year 2023 holds new challenges, particularly in terms of energy consumption. In response to this, Wellis teams worked on new sensations to improve the user experience. The result: a new range of spas appearing with a new design, new solutions, and a new insulation system, all to facilitate...
A wide range of quality filters by Unicel
hhUnicel products bear the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) label, and the company figures among the leaders on the filter cartridge market in the USA. Unicel is a renowned manufacturer of spa and pool filters and offers a wide range of products.
The DURAFLOW Cartridge Filter from Duratech for an eco-conscious pool
With climate change and the scarcity of water becoming pressing concerns, it's important to adapt and offer eco-friendly solutions. Duratech introduces its new DURAFLOW Cartridge Filter, a solution for an eco-conscious pool.
Magic-Floor-Spa of Depotec, the word's first moveable floor spa
Depotec presents Magic-Floor-Spa, the first Moveable Floor Spa. Based on its patent protected Magic-Floor-2.0 technology, this whirlpool made of Polypropylene needs no more vinyl thermal protection cover. 
Latham Group, Inc. Introduces Measure by Latham, an innovative AI-powered tool
Latham Group, Inc., a major designer, manufacturer and marketer of in-ground residential swimming pools in North America, Australia and New Zealand, launches Measure by Latham, a new advanced AI-powered device that more efficiently and accurately provides measurements for swimming pool vinyl...