Products and equipment

« Green » approach and modern look for a renewed  hot tubs line Wellis
The manufacturer pays particular attention to energy-efficient solutions, while during production it prioritises sustainability and environmentally conscious production technologies. As a result, the revised hot tubs were given the Life name, carried over to its two Peak and CityLife product...
New Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) on the hth® Pool website
On the basis of the information collected and with the assistance of its Customer Service Department, hth® will offer an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on its website from autumn 2022.
Premium calibration solutions of Meytec
European manufacturer of buffer solutions and certified measuring instruments, Meytec is delighted to be able to present in Lyon its complete calibration services and solutions, essential to the modern swimming pool industry. These solutions are carefully protected by a sachet, preserving the pH...
Noxplus, the new VS pump of ESPA
Since 1962, ESPA has risen among the ranks of major European pool pump manufacturers thanks to its capacity to anticipate market needs and innovate. Today, the company distributes its pumps in over 132 countries and possesses 12 subsidiaries.   At the Piscine Global Europe fair, the brand is...
The HydroStar light ring and MetaTec motor with solar option of Binder
Two new products are on show on the Binder stand alongside the EasyStar and HydroStar counter-current swimming systems. 
Polytropic committed to meeting environmental challenges
To assist professionals in the coming season, when environmental issues will assume an increasingly important role, Polytropic has developed a complete range of reliable swimming pool heat pumps and dehumidifiers, designed according to a global sustainable approach.
The BWT Match Skimmer, a skimmer to match all pools
The BWT Match Skimmer meets several demands in terms of comfort and installation, attracting pool users and professional installers alike. Installation has been perfectly thought out to simplify the installer’s task.
SCP EUROPE: More than 180,000 references of spare parts in stock
To help pool professionals find repair and replacement solutions, SCP has developed a catalogue of more than 1,700 pages with all the exploded views of the products and their dimensions.   
Air Cover 200, the automatic pool cover from Maytronics
The new Air Cover 200 automatic pool cover from Maytronics features a very contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design. This above-ground cover can be customised and is a true decorative addition to the pool area.
Natural magnesium crystals for relaxation of Salins du Midi
To be poured into a bath or spa to benefit from total relaxation, the magnesium crystals come in three different fragrances – cotton flower, orange flower and monoï flower – each of which offers optimal relaxation thanks to their enchanting scents.
The flat telescopic enclosure for residential pools by Abridays®
Abridays® has enriched its collection of bespoke enclosures with a flat model that is made in Europe and complies with the NF P90-309 standard. The result of an ever-growing demand by users, the success of this flat pool enclosure is explained by its discreet lines and easy deployment.
Elbtal presents 4 new decors of reinforced membranes
Elbtal presents 4 new reinforced membranes for pools, with innovative décors that perfectly fit in with today’s trend for biophilic [love of nature, Ed.] design. More and more customers want to build a pool environment that subtly and harmoniously blends in with the natural environment.   
USSPA: ‘Good Vibes’ brought to Lyon
The family-owned company USSPA is presenting a new line of spas at Global Piscine 2022 in Lyon. VIBES by USSPA is a top product in the mid-spa segment consisting of 4 different models.
Go for the 100% French X with the aerodynamic OXO bubble
CID Plastiques innovates by designing OXO, a high-end bubble for pool films. Its physical, thermal and mechanical performances have been multiplied and scientifically proven. This patented bubble is tough, high-performance, insulating and durable. 
Product developments and new line of spa heat pumps by Warmpac
The WP Signature by WPool has recently entered the market, but it is already appreciated by the professionals of the pool sector. One of its patented and innovative assets, lateral ventilation, is no stranger to this success.