Products and equipment

PolyConnect Inside Inverter Heat Pumps of Polytropic
The remote monitoring solution for heat pumps, PolyConnect is releasing its 2022 version, including a WiFi unit installed as standard in all inverter models by the manufacturer Polytropic. When installing it, just connect the heat pump to the household WiFi network (easier pairing with the QR...
The DEL Évolution phthalate-free liner
Brand new to the market! This 75/100 liner contains 100% phthalate-free plasticisers to meet the requirements of standard EN 71-3. This standard - usually not applied to swimming pools - certifies the absence of hazardous products in plastic toys designed for children.
The EVA Experience at home to get the most out of the pool, all year round!
With the EVAstream swimming machine it is possible to swim freely, even enjoy a training, in your own pool all year round! The EVAstream swimming machine turns any pool, no matter how small, into a home fitness thanks to pre-programmed swimming training sessions, in which the LED underwater lights...
An NF P90-308 cover for deck-level and infinity pools
A major player on the swimming pool market and well-known for its know-how as a single product manufacturer - swimming pool covers - T&A now meets the safety issue of deck-level and infinity pools.
WP Signature: the latest innovation with side ventilation by WPool
In 2022, Warmpac is launching its latest patented innovation in terms of heat pumps, the WP Signature, equipped with a side ventilation system. This characteristic enables the practical installation of the heat pump regardless of the available space and reduces the constraints incurred by other...
Water filtration and treatment on a single economic base plate
Compact is in fashion, including in technical rooms, to satisfy customers in a hurry, those with a lower budget, or simply those with limited space available for pool equipment. The new all-in-one Watercom Vitalia solution includes all the equipment necessary for the complete water filtration and...
One of the widest ranges of pool robots at SCP
The choice of pool robots is even larger in the SCP 2022 season catalogue. New Zodiac and Polaris (exclusive to SCP) models enrich the range of technologies that are already proposed for pool cleaning, notably with the Hayward® and Vektro® hydraulic robots, the battery-powered Vektro® robots,...
Treat and repair spa and pool leaks with Fix A Leak
Specialised in leak repair since 1980, Marlig Industries Inc. presents Fix A Leak, a highly concentrated leak sealer used for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. The product is used for plumbing and structural leaks in pools and is sold worldwide. 
Swimeo App, for pool swimming training
SIREM is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets industrial motorisation solutions and pumps, notably for the swimming pool industry. In 2020 and 2021, this expertise and know-how enabled them to launch the A and S models of their Swimeo range of counter-current swimming turbines.
Pentair solutions for partner support
All the tools and benefits that go into Pentair's PIP fidelity programme enable its members, pool builders, dealers and service providers to sustainably develop their activity.
Nephea Spa by CF Group: three new super-equipped Premium models
Created by CF Group 4 years ago to give its spa line a real identity, Nephea Spa proposes premium models that are particularly well equipped
Control your swimming pool with your hand, eye and voice thanks to Hayward
The connectivity of many pieces of equipment now makes swimming pools smart and optimises their management. This is the case with an entire series of pool equipment by Hayward, which makes swimming pools easier every day and uses the latest developments in control… including voice control.
The SD 305 series for the professional experts in water analysis
The mobile hand-held measuring instruments of the SD 305 series from Lovibond® are ideal tools for the professional experts in water analysis, where conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and redox potential are important parameters.
Sydney design telescopic enclosure
Manufacturers of pools and enclosures for 30 years, ALBIXON has launched a new pool enclosure developed in collaboration with designers from the automobile industry. The result is the Sydney, a low enclosure with sleek, elegant lines. It is set on a single guide rail (right or left option), on...
Misouri Brings Its New Mini Heater — PoolPod mini — to Market
Misouri is an experienced professional pool heat pump ODM and OEM manufacturer. With more than 100 R&D engineers committed to provide strong industrial design, integrated electrical solutions, and innovative technologies, the company recently launched a new mini heater series, dubbed PoolPod...