Products and equipment

Cariitti's lighting solutions and sauna cabins for creating an atmosphere of well-being
Cariitti, a Finnish manufacturer of sauna and spa lighting, presents its fibre optic and LED lighting solutions for sauna and spa areas focused on comfort and well-being.
Premium Dinotec electrolyser: totally autonomous electrolysis, Redox and pH
The dinotec Premium electrolyser is a latest-generation, all-in-one device with features that facilitate pool automation for the user's peace of mind. 
Counter-current swim training programmes with EVAstream
The EVAstream counter-current swimming system enables any pool to be transformed into a centre for professional training, home fitness, or an atmospheric water attraction. 
The Heatstar Orion for the dehumidification, air and pool water heating
The Heatstar Orion is a convenient and economical solution to condensation and temperature control, and is ideally suitable for smaller indoor swimming pools or swim spas.
Aquark Launches the First Inverter Salt Chlorinator with InverTurbo® Technology
Over the past few years, inverter technology has transformed the pool industry by making 4-season swimming possible. Now, inverter technology will also revolutionize pool disinfection with Aquark's latest product, Mr. Pure – the first inverter salt chlorinator.
Online quotes and orders via the professional area of Walter Pool
Since the beginning of the year, Walter Pool has enabled professionals and customers to access several practical features on its website. In their secure professional area, pool installers can receive quotes on line for bar-supported covers, mobile decks, and summer or winter covers. They can also...
Swimeo by Sirem, the home swimming trainer that fits all pools
Sport is part of the daily life of a large part of the population. Whether they be fans of fitness centres, regular joggers or swimmers, more and more practise a regular sports activity.  
MOOVER by Albixon: new solar motorization for an easy pool enclosure
MOOVER is the new electric moving system for swimming pool enclosures, developed by ALBIXON in cooperation with engineers from the automotive industry. It operates quietly, smoothly, is remotely controlled and solar charged.
A reliable and easy pool water analysis with Lovibond
Responsible pool owners should regularly check the swimming water quality. Lovibond®, specialist in swimming pool water analysis devices, highlights 2 proven flagship products on the market. Pooltester, this quick tester is a very popular tool, allowing reliable and safe control of the quality of...
The entirely revamped NetSpa website
The NetSpa website has been totally redesigned to provide support retailers for their marketing operations. The address is the same, but the completely restructured and restyled user interface highlights a cocoon of well-being in the brand's colours.
Poolsquad® UV by Pool Technologie: everything has changed except the name
Aware of increasingly strict territorial regulations, Pool Technologie launched its hybrid UV/Ultra Low Salt® range in 2021. Eager to provide an even more eco-friendly solution, the manufacturer has developed its range and redesigned the reactor to make it more efficient and easy to use.
New SubAqua LED series by EVA Optic
The SubAqua underwater lighting series by EVA Optic is available in 25 W and 40 W/50 W versions. Its design combines the expertise and experience of the specialist in LED lighting with latest-generation high-yield LEDs made with premium quality materials. The result is very high-quality pool...
New module integrated into PolyConnect by Polytropic
Highly appreciated by customers for several years, including for its after-sales service, Polytropic has chosen to even further simplify reactive technical problem-solving thanks to a new remote support tool. The PolyConnect connected solution has evolved with its new trouble-shooting module.
The turbine-driven counterflow systems from BINDER, fun for the whole family
Whether for swimming training, aqua jogging or happy splashing, the turbine-driven counterflow systems from BINDER massively expand the possible uses of the pool. At the touch of a button, the pool is transformed into a genuine fitness and wellness oasis. 
PoolCop Genesis, an open system for pool management
PoolCop Genesis, like Poolcop Evolution, is an open system, allowing integral control of all pool functions, regardless of its size (form spas to Olympic pools). Indeed, a well-managed swimming pool is more economical in terms of products, water and energy on a daily basis.