Products and equipment

An exclusive new design for DEL slatted covers
DEL brand covers for swimming pools are getting a new cover with a modern design, thanks to their “boat deck”-style joints.  This unique, new style is partly down to the flexible connection of the slats, but also to the very flat slats themselves, offering a perfect aesthetic finish on the...
DA-GEN® - Dryden Aqua Generator: the quality of drinking water for bathing
The DA-GEN® - Dryden Aqua Generator - is a smart control box and a water disinfection solution for swimming pools that mainly generates free radicals (hydrolysis) and a low quantity of chlorine (electrolysis). Very powerful oxidants, free radicals do not create any harmful by-products during...
Pool heat pumps for every need in the SCP catalogue
Whether before or after the summer, a pool heat pump prolongs the pleasure of swimming in water heated to a perfect temperature. SCP reminds you of several important criteria to consider when choosing a suitable heat pump.
The connected pool: easy to use and maintain with Pool Technologie
To ensure that the pool remains a source of pleasure and nothing but pleasure, automation systems are increasingly present in this part of the home. Thanks to new technologies, automation further simplifies pool use and maintenance for a truly comfortable user experience. 
OXO, an innovative bubble for pool films
OXO... these three little letters are going to rock the boat! With the invention of a more powerful 500 µm O- and X-shaped bubble, CID Plastiques (Hérault, France) offers a product that is more environmentally-friendly and 100% French.
Morpheo, the new customizable swimming pool heat pump of Polytropic
The swimming pool heating specialist presents its latest innovation in heat pumps: MORPHEO. This full inverter heat pump includes the exclusive PolySmart Control system, for dual-entry smart regulation. This heat pump automatically and independently regulates its power to adapt to the swimming...
New ultra-light and efficient Prowler P series by Pentair
The Prowler P10 and P20 are the new, light and ergonomic electric pool robots designed to provide users with maximum comfort. Simply plug in these robots and then place them easily in the pool thanks to their light weight of less than 6 kg. The fast water draining system of the Prowler P series...
New reinforced anti-slip membrane in the Renolit Alkorplan2000 range
The new reinforced anti-slip membrane in the Renolit Alkorplan2000 range offers several advantages. It gives the pool a more modern appearance thanks to its new texture with improved aesthetics, protected by a high-performance surface varnish.
New from House of Duratech
The smart and powerful VISION PRO LED pool light offers up to 3500 lumens of lighting, thanks to a patented ceramic cooling system. It combines light output, exclusive design and durability. This light can be used in combination with existing wall ducts and face plates.
tild, the new smart standard control panel by CCEI
The new smart standard control panel for pools, unveiled by CCEI during the Piscine Connect fair, can be entirely managed via a smartphone. This pre-wired standard control panel is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.
New : Global Inflatable Goals of Anti Wave
Anti Wave is proud to announce the release of the new Global Inflatable Goal Range, compact and easy to transport and lightweight design, including a tough waterproof carry bag and high volume foot pump.
The swimming systems of Binder for a wide range of pool types
With their river-like flow, the counter-current systems from BINDER create a true holiday feeling and can be integrated into almost any shape of pool. Whether concrete, stainless steel or plastic, one-piece pools or swimming ponds, the turbine-powered counter-current systems from BINDER are...
Fairland Launches Inverter-plus Dehumidifier for Indoor Swimming Pools
Fairland, the Chinese Inverter innovator, presents an energy-efficient and quiet pool dehumidifier powered by Full-inverter technology.
New Platinum Spas hot tubs for 2022
Platinum Spas is an innovative hot tub and swim spa brand offering the widest choice of hot tubs in the Superior Wellness portfolio. Taking pride in the quality, from the controls used down to the pipework materials. Using the latest technology on the build and design work, to create cutting edge...
Misouri launches its premium full inverter heat pump model, INVER-P
Misouri’s dedicated R&D team has more than 18 years’ experience in heat pump systems and solutions. Recently, a brand-new pool heat pump named INVER-P has been released by the Chinese ODM heat pump supplier. This high-end heat pump consists of 9 versions and is powered by Misouri’s...