Products and equipment

Unlimited swimming fun with Hydro Star
The HydroStar turbine driven counterflow system from BINDER generates a wide powerful current similar to that of a river. It is suitable for every type of pool and can be quickly installed by the specialist dealer.
New, ultra -stylish heating slat of T&A
The specialist in polycarbonate heating slats has launched an innovation for solar pool covers. T&A is continuing its research and development to evolve its products to best meet the needs of the market.  
Aquagem launches its first full DC Inverter pool pump
Aquagem has announced the release of its first full DC Inverter pool pump, InverPro. This product with the new technology InverSilence® was launched in July 2021.
The new CF+ Controller by Chemoform
The new CF+ Controller by Chemoform makes a mark with its universal range of application. Appliances from almost every manufacturer can be connected with the CF+ Controller. This means fewer remote controls and it offers a clear display on your own tablet or mobile phone.  
Swimming pool water treatment: Stérilor launches a new complete solution for salt chlorination
STÉRILOR has been designing and making water treatment equipment for swimming pools since 1985. The result of 3 years of Research and Development, Stérilor XP brings a new water treatment system by salt chlorination onto the market.
2 new heat pump ranges from ATECPOOL
With an extensive 40 years-experience in pool equipment supply, ATECPOOL INTERNATIONAL continue their European expansion. The company serves its European customers from a warehouse based in the Netherlands and supports distributors grow their business with a wide range of pool products and...
Pool Diving, the automatic cover by APF
Pool Diving, the automatic cover with an underwater deck by APF, provides optimal comfort for professionals and pool owners. The installation of this cover is simple and intuitive and cuts down on both installation and cover maintenance time. 
New multi pumps made from high -performance plastic of SPECK Pumpen
With the new Normblock Multi 80/200 and BADU Block Multi 80/200 models, SPECK Pumpen is expanding its innovative completely plastic pump range for the public swimming pool sector.
New Heat Retention Cover from Plastipack Ltd
Pool cover specialist manufacturer Plastipack Ltd launches RaeGuard™ a covering material designed specifically to optimise heat retention. RaeGuard™ joins Plastipack’s high-performance Guard range of products and is suitable for any indoor pool, school pool or larger, commercial pool looking...
The advantages of Elbtal reinforced membranes for natural pools
During the aquanale trade fair, where a large place is given to the theme of natural bathing, Elbtal will exhibit the advantages of its reinforced membranes for natural pools.
The DA-SY® integrated water treatment system of Dryden Aqua
To provide the highest water and air quality in swimming pools, marine biologist Dr Howard Dryden has developed DA-SY®: a unique biological water treatment solution adapted to all public and private swimming pools.
The PoolLab 1.0 photometer by Water-i.d/Pool-i.d.
The PoolLab 1.0 photometer comes with Bluetooth and a powerful app and software which both synchronize via a cloud server, all free of charge.
Treat and repair spa and pool leaks with Fix A Leak
Specialised in leak repair since 1980, Marlig Industries Inc. presents Fix A Leak, a highly concentrated leak sealer used for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. The product is used for plumbing and structural leaks in pools and is sold worldwide. 
The electronic device Scuba II from Lovibond : easy and reliable pool water analysis
The Scuba II by Lovibond® controls the pool water quality quickly. He analyzes the pool water with a similar technology as the water test devices for public swimming pools. It measures the most important parameters of the pool water: pH, total chlorine, free chlorine, alkalinity, redox,...
 "INVER-HEAT" technology by Misouri
Misouri is a professional heat pump manufacturer located in Wuhu Anhui, China. As one of the leading ODM heat pump suppliers in China, Misouri is committed to developing innovative and competitive products for its global partners. Their proprietary "INVER-HEAT" program saves energy and...