Fresh out of the ACIS factory in Saint Philbert de Grand Lieu (44), the new filter wall, flush with the wall of the pool, offers an all-in-one filtration system.

This economical solution from the Weltico range is easy to set up. The comprehensive mounted unit includes a technical room at the rear with several elements for personalisation.

For the facade, the wall measuring 900 x 750 x 250 mm, includes: 1 skimmer from the A400 Design range, 2 Design backflow swivel nozzles, 1 Easyled Evo extra flat monobloc spotlight with 6 white LEDs, 1 cover for the tank and 1 remote control for lighting.

On the technical room side (size 1120 x 1020 x 620 mm) the filtering wall includes:

  • 1 PHT20 pump with a high-temperature resin-sealed motor,
  • 1 control box with clock and transformer (projector, pump)
  • 1 bypass for the heat pump or other integrated heating devices
  • 1 integrated C5 Weltico cartridge.

As an option, a Jet Vag counter-current swimming system can also be built into the filter wall.