A technical makeover for Jet Vag products

The Jet Vag range of balneotherapy and jet swim products has just gone and got itself a technical makeover.

The lighting products equiped

Their pneumatic buttons have been replaced with trendier and more practical backlit stainless-steel piezo switches. The lighting products, such as the Lum Jet Vag, New Jet Vag, Balnéo Solo and Balnéo Duo, Pro Luxe and Effervescence now come equipped with this as standard. 

The advantages of the backlit  stainless-steel piezo switch

The piezo switch's backlighting in 2 different colours indicates that the equipment has started up correctly and also allows the device to be easily visible in the pool. What's more, this backlighting can also be controlled remotely. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the stainless-steel piezo switch is also resistant to corrosion.