Many innovations for Wellis SwimLine range

This year Wellis has launched new versions of their well-known swim spas. The renewed Wellis SwimLine range has many innovations.

The W-Flow system

The newly developed W-Flow system is able to move twice as much water than traditional types (180 m3/h). The swimming is perfectly balanced by the improved water-flow-width for the professional training (water stream width: 50-60 cm).  Wellis' engineers have spent a long time with simulations to find the perfect shell shape and technical solutions for the straightest water stream.

A new training system

The W-Flow swim spas come with a new training system, that contains 5 pre-programmed and 3 personalized swimming programs, which can be adjusted from the topside control panels. These new swim spas are available with semi-cabinet - what makes possible to sink the spa halfway only in the ground without any concrete preparation.

Whether it's the Rio Grande dual chamber swim spa, or the single chamber Amazonas or Danube, these hot tubs are fully equipped to take care of body and mind, comfortably at home.