Sport is part of the daily life of a large part of the population. Whether they be fans of fitness centres, regular joggers or swimmers, more and more practise a regular sports activity.

The Swimeo turbine range for a private sports pool

Thanks to the Swimeo turbine range by Sirem, the offer of private sports pools has developed and it is now possible to train at home and swim in a continuous direction with no need to turn around. They are entirely immersed thanks to their low-tension electric motor housing technology and a propeller that pushes the water. The flow thus generated enables counter-current swimming, which is adapted to both sports swimmers and amateurs. The most powerful flow of 400 m3/h corresponds to swimmers who can swim 100 m in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Thus, the installation of a Swimeo counter-current swim turbine transforms the pool into a water sports centre, even for small size mini-pools.

There are several advantages to the installation of a counter-current swimming turbine. In addition to the fact that they eliminate the need for users to go to a public pool, they enable home training at any time of the day with no need to respect a time slot, and they can swim alone, stress-free, avoiding sometimes overcrowded swim lanes. It is important to see oneself in order to make progress. By swimming facing a turbine and using an underwater camera, it is possible to identify the corrections of posture necessary to improve one's swimming technique.

Many triathletes have chosen this type of equipment to work on their transitions (passage between swimming and cycling) and mental reinforcement. Swimming opposite a turbine requires the determination and concentration that will be useful to those who wish to participate in open water swimming events, where it is more difficult to appreciate one's progress over a course.

Swimeo S

Swimeo models are suitable for new construction projects thanks to the X model, which is hidden behind a stainless steel grille, as well as for existing pools with the S model, which is installed at the side of the pool. Easy to install and needing no wall opening, Swimeo models do not require maintenance or servicing.

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