The potassium iodide (Kl) used in DPD No.3 and DPD No.4 tablets to measure chlorine content has recently been listed by the manufacturers as a dangerous substance for the health. Lovibond®, the brand specialising in DPD test methodology, has quickly reacted by developing fast variants of DPD reagents with a reduced potassium iodide content, designed for pooltesters, quick tests and comparators.

Reliable reagents for chlorine control 

These reliable reagents for chlorine control have such low potassium iodide content that they can be used with total safety.

The brand's R&D has also developed this type of DPD reagent for electronic test equipment. The word 'Evo' is printed on their packaging along with a purple band indicating that non-restricted sale to private customers is authorised (including on the web).
Concerning DPD products with high potassium iodide content, Germany enforces strict sales restrictions. In Europe, there is a labelling obligation to mention the dangers of these products above a certain content of this agent.
Private pool owners should therefore make sure they purchase DPD reagents bearing the word 'Evo' and the purple band to ensure their safety.